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**ANGELFIRE is an Indie Next List Pick**


"This book, like its predecessor, will engage readers easily and many will not be able to put it down. The angst-filled, romantic tension; best girl/supportive friend; and fast-paced action sequences will keep readers wanting more in the next installment. This excellent book is a must-have purchase for all libraries, especially where horror, romance, and urban fantasy fiction is hot."

"The action scenes have enough intensity and adrenaline to send Buffy home hanging her head in shame, and Ellie is likable both as a high-octane heroine and a regular girl coping with family and social drama. The biblical mythology the story is based upon is compelling, and, of course, the sword fighting and butt kicking make this a ride worth taking."

"A dark and compelling world of action and intrigue... Readers will find themselves engrossed in the story until its powerful conclusion - then anxiously awaiting the second installment."

"Riveting and heartbreaking and beautiful... ANGELFIRE has everything you could want in a YA novel. Ellie is exactly my kind of heroine."
-- #1 NYT Bestselling author Sarah J. Maas

"The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon clarity of the fight scenes is unimpeachable. This is one heroine who's happy to take matters (and angelic swords) into her own hands." -- Publishers Weekly

"Talk about needing to catch my breath.. Wings of the Wicked is non-stop, action-packed, sexy, dark, and emotionally gripping."
-- Mundie Moms

"Moulton crafts an exciting second entry in the Angelfire trilogy, extending preexisting story lines involving Ellie, Will, Cadan, and bad guy Bastian with terrific battle scenes and some romance, too."
-- Booklist

"At last a YA novel about a sword-yielding, butt-kicking 17-year-old girl who has been destined to fight the forces of evil; by her side is Will, her guardian angel protector. Ellie is not that contemporary teen of other novels, who constantly needs rescuing by her immortal boyfriend. Packed with blistering action, mystery, romance, and terror, readers will be glued from the first page to the last, breathlessly waiting for book two of this exciting trilogy!"
-- Becky Anderson, Anderson's Bookshop

"This is an amazing, powerful novel with lots of action and fighting scenes that will keep you on your toes. Ellie is a strong, hard-core character you wouldn't want to mess with, and this novel is one you wouldn't want to miss out on."
-- Lydia Hutcheons, Barbara's Bookstore

"ANGELFIRE throws so many satisfying emotional elements, inventive action scenes, and even a few philosophical tidbits at its readers that they cannot fail to feel themselves in the midst rather than on the margins of the story."
-- Kenny Brechner, DDG Booksellers

"I realized it is about the highest compliment I can pay someone: comparing their book to both The Hunger Games and Vampire Academy series. And let me tell you, Angelfire measures up."
-- The Allure of Books

"Angelfire is a captivating novel full of mystery, action and romance. With two opposites worlds, one full of life, friendship and love, and the other full of darkness, threats and heartless beings, it definitely is one of the best novels I've read."
-- Heart Shaped Box

"The story was phenomenal. The perfect mixture of humor, romance, and action. Speaking of action, Angelfire was a real thrill-ride. The kind that has you biting your nails until you see the outcome."
-- YA Addict

"Seriously, this book simply blew me away. I am totally in love with this story, the mystic and the characters."
-- Bewitched Bookworms

"I loved this book and can't wait for the next installment but I have to say that the ending ripped my heart out and it's taken me a while to get over it. If you love paranormal, this one is a must."
-- Stuck in Books

"When I thought nothing else could happen, Courtney threw a whammy that has me so intrigued to get my hands on the second book."
--Just Your Typical Book Blog

"The richness of detail in every battle scene is breathtaking, as I felt like I was experiencing every blow, every strike and swipe. It's so easy to visualize the way the battles play out, where each player is at each moment of the battle, what's happening to the surroundings while they fight."
-- Reader's Dialogue

"Angelfire is a book that will make you giddy and grin like an idiot. You will squeal like a crazy fangirl over Ellie and Will's endearing romance. You will get weird looks from your mother and possibly forget to eat because you just can't put this book down. And when it ends? You'll be wanting to trade your soul to the reapers for more."
-- And Anything Bookish

"I predict this will become one of the highly anticipated YA fantasy trilogies we all will impatiently count down to with each new release."
-- A Tale of Many Reviews

"In this first installment of a trilogy by author Courtney Allison Moulton, the author does not disappoint with action packed chapters, wisecracking characters, and grim reapers to boot."
-- My Overstuffed Bookshelf

"Angelfire has a lot of great action, a chemistry that kept me turning the pages to see what would happen with Ellie and Will, and has me looking forward to reading more books in this series."
-- Mundie Moms

"The best part of the book, to me, is Will, the Guardian that has been sworn to protect Ellie. She knows that they have a history together, and his tenderness alludes to things that make me shiver..."
-- The Elliot Review

"Fiery, intricate, original and comical, Angelfire is a fantastic blend of battle and romance. With a very strong female protagonist, a complex male counterpart, and a winding story line, this one is a hit. In an ever expanding genre and an increasing number of things classified as 'cliche,' Moulton breaks through the mold with a six foot sword."
-- A Good Addiction

"I don't read much YA, but this series will be one that I absolutely have to follow. The world she's created, and the characters in them are truly dazzling, and you would have to be a fool to pass up this book!"
-- Taking It One Book At A Time

"It's like Moulton had a check list of what makes a great young adult book and seamlessly blended all of these components together into this sensational debut novel. I was hooked from the first chapter and couldn't stop reading--it was another "wee hours of the morning" finish because this book was THAT GOOD. Intriguing mythology, well-crafted characters, riveting action, and captivating romance combine into one thrill-ride of a novel that grips your heart and doesn't let go."
-- Sunny Books

"From the first page Angelfire was full of keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat action. Moulton did a fantastic job with this title, the plot was perfect, the characters were brilliant, and it was a great twist on good vs. evil with a touch of romance."
-- BK Walker Books

"Funny thing. I was kind of sad when I finished the book. I do love the book so much, I don't want to finish reading it but books are supposed to be like that."
-- Palm Books Journal

"Oh. My. Goodness. Angelfire was absolutely amazing. I could not put it down. In fact, I may or may not have seriously procrastinated on studying to read this book."
-- 365 Days of Reading

"One thing I love about books is the idea of them. I love to read books where it present a unique idea or theme. Angelfire is a unique book. With the idea of reapers, angels, and reincarnations, Ms. Moulton certainly gave the literature world a great adventure. The minute I started this book, it one was that I knew I could not put down."
-- Books With Bite

"ANGELFIRE is a fast ride, an intense read, and I wanted it to go on long after the last page. Luckily for me, and all of the other fans of Moulton's novel, there will be more to come. Ellie and Will are returning to fight more reapers, and I for one, can't wait."
-- Alise on Life

"I know the year has only just begun, but Angelfire has to be one of my favorite reads so far this year. Courtney Allison Moulton's writing just completely blew me away, and the story was absolutely captivating."
-- Haunted Orchid

"Moulton did an amazing job at world building and even though there is a lot to take in, she breaks it up at just the right pace; mixing in detailed dialogue and kick ass fighting scenes!"
-- A Casual Reader

"It's been a long time since I found a character that I loved as much as Buffy Summers and I'm ecstatic that I get to read more of Ellie's story! With its heart-stopping action, breath-taking romance, and beautifully descriptive scenes, I give Angelfire 5 flames!"
-- YA Bound

"This novel is beyond extraordinary. Moulton is a debut author that kicks ass with the heroine that is different and dramatic. Angelfire is a mix of action, romance, and adventure, compounding an elaborate novel that will pull readers off their feet."
-- The Bookologist

"A truly wonderful read, exciting and stimulating all the way through. The interactions between Ellie & Will have a story all their own. It leaves you eagerly awaiting the next in the series to see what happens next!"
-- Rex Robot Reviews

"I read this book all in one day because I could not for the life of me stop turning the pages. This book is a MUST read. It's the perfect book to start of 2011 with."
-- ParaFantasy

"Moulton's created world is exciting, full of discovery, and soul searching love."
-- The Book Geek

"With a witty, snarky, and realistic heroine, drop-dead wonderful hero, and bad beasties on every turn, Courtney's debut is absolutely amazing."
-- Radiant Reads

"I cannot help but fall for a heroine that is bad-ass. I mention this a lot in reviews, and the strong heroine is important to me. I can like a passive character, but a strong one is a lot easier to enjoy reading about. Especially when they fight things with swords and take no prisoners. Ellie is killer because she takes on her role and just does it. She doesn't complain about being the Preliator, she asks questions smartly and destroys the disgusting reapers. I have to admire that."
-- Dreaming in Books

"Within the first couple of chapters I was sucked into the world of Angelfire and it didn't disappoint. Between some serious reaper killing action, love story and regular teen issues, I loved every second of reading Angelfire."
-- Daemon's Books

"Ellie is a normal girl by day, but kicks major evil butt when reapers decide to show their faces and threaten her world. She instantly goes into kill mode and has some sweet moves. Watching her take on the reapers is amazing, her instinct instantly kicks into high gear and she is not someone you would want to mess with. I loved how fierce she was when she was in fight mode and would look forward to those parts of the book while reading. Especially when she busts out the swords, those things are sweet!"
-- A Bookworm's Haven

"I loved how Courtney Allison Moulton was able to make this story completely unique and her own. Angelfire was truly a story I've never read before. The plot was fresh and kept me on the edge of my seat, and the twist at the end, BRILLIANT! Angelfire is a must read and I will definitely be waiting on the edge of my seat for its sequel."
-- Overflowing Shelf

"Oh man, I finally get to write my review for this one! I've been raving about Angelfire since November, and trust me, this is the book to get! With a witty, snarky, and realistic heroine, drop-dead wonderful hero, and bad beasties on every turn, Courtney's debut is absolutely amazing."
-- Radiant Reads

"Will has become one of my favorite fictional male characters of all time. He shows a love a devotion to this girl who is ever changing. Ellie and Will are connected in a very profound way, yes he's given an oath to protect her and have her back while in battle, but over the centuries it has grown to something more deep and everlasting. For as much action as this book has, it also has amazing heart. Some of the best moments are when Will and Ellie are just talking and doing normal things while in the middle of these so not normal situations."
-- PageTurners Blog

"Kick-ass action scenes,strong protagonist heroine,reapers,and a very sexy love interest put together with a fast paced engaging plot made for a great read."
-- Book Flame

"Angelfire was one of those books that literally didn't leave my hands until I was finished reading it. I was captivated by the story from the very beginning and it just got better and better the more I read."
-- Red House Books

"Ellie is a heroine I could really empathize with - she was neither a damsel in distress nor physically invincible, and that went a long way towards making her believable for me. Her personality was very balanced as well, and she didn't veer towards overly immature or unnaturally poised like other heroines I've read recently."
-- Lale on Lit

"I received Angelfire and two days later I finished it! Consumed it! Devoured it! Loved It! This one blew me away."
-- Reading Teen

"Ellie,the main character of the book, was a character that I could completely relate to. In the beginning you think she is just a normal, but when Will shows up her world is turned upside down. Ellie is a character that you wish could just jump out of the book just so you could have her as your best friend. I loved her sarcasm!"
-- YA Book Diva

"Wow wow wow! I absolutely loved this book. There have been so many wonderful debuts lately, I'm always worried that the next one I pick up won't be as wonderful, but I didn't have to worry about that with Angelfire. Moulton has crafted a remarkable debut, leaving its readers drooling for whatever she throws at us next."
-- Flipping Pages for All Ages

"Angelfire has it all - strong feminine character who's not afraid to kick butt, great action scenes, an impossibly sweet romance, all mixed in with a bit of normalcy. I hadn't read a book with so much swordfighting in a while, and all of these scenes were so well-described and different enough from one another as to be interesting."
-- Between the Covers

"Angelfire took me on a wild ride and didn't let me off until the very last page. Full of emotion, romance, mystery, and action, Angelfire is a fantastic paranormal novel that I will definitely be re-reading. This is by far my favorite book that I have read in a long time and I wish I could give it more than 5 stars. I am already going through Will and Ellie withdrawel and I only finished it today! The sequel, Wings of the Wicked, can not come out fast enough!"
-- IB Book Blogging

"If you think you have angel books all figured out, you are wrong. Angelfire takes things further with archangels and reapers. Those reapers are angry savage beasts and Courtney Moulton knows exactly how to write their scenes. I like my reaper scenes with just enough gore and lots of action, thank you."
-- Reading Vacation

"I knew this book was going to be good, but not this freaking good! My mind has been blown and I don't think it will recover until book two! Lets get on that Courtney, xoxo! I Loved this book so much that I don't know if any books will be able to compare. A new spin on the angel phenomenon in paranormal young adult, that I wish would have been published sooner!"
-- Moonlight Book Reviews

"The book doesn't take itself too seriously--there are several teenage parties, including one of the most kick-ass sounding Halloween parties ever, and the dialogue is witty and believably teenaged. It's a fun read, and if you like Buffy and The Mortal Instruments, then this is a book you'll definitely enjoy."
--Bookish Bethie

I would like to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who has read my books and cared enough about them to take the time to write a review and spread the word! You are WONDERFUL and I would like to keep you. No really, I have an extra stall and we have lambs and my donkey is pretty cute so it's a darn good deal.

xoxo Court

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