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What to send to my agent:

  • Endorsement quote/blurb requests
  • Appearance requests (conferences/conventions, school visits, book signings, workshops, ect.)
  • Business-related requests (domestic, foreign, and media rights, ect)

    Email my agent, Rosemary Stimola, at
    Stimola Literary Sudio

    What to send to me:

  • Fanmail (I love hearing from readers!)
  • Interview/Guest blog requests
  • Art and video links (I may ask to add it to my Facebook page!)
  • Writing and publishing questions (Your question may already be answered on the F.A.Q. page)
  • Please do not send me your story ideas, because I'm not allowed to read them! These emails will be deleted unread.
  • Please do not send my agent or me requests for review copies of my books. My publisher handles all sending of review copies to reviewers.

    How to contact me:

    Stimola Literary Studio
    Attn: Courtney Allison Moulton
    308 Livingston Court
    Edgewater, NJ 07020

    Message me on Facebook.
    Please allow two to six weeks (or sometimes five minutes) for a reply. I receive a lot of mail and I try to respond to everything sent to me. I can be slower when deadlines are looming. Thank you for understanding!

    The quickest way to reach me is to tweet at me!

    You can also ask me anything on tumblr! I respond to a lot of reader questions and comments on there.

    Contact me through my website:

    Note: I apologize for requiring a form submission. Without it, SO MUCH spam and viruses clog my inbox and real messages get lost.
    Please forgive me! xoxo

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